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How to List

If you've already registered with Complete Suffolk please login before adding your listing, if you haven't registered with us yet you will automatically be registered during the listing process.

1) Filling out the listing form

Title: Enter in the title of your advert as you'd like it displayed in the directory. e.g "Luxury Hotel in Suffolk" or "Italian restaurant".

Town: This field is used for searching, just enter in the name of your nearest town.

Full Address: This is an optional field, only fill it in if you'd like the address of the accommodation, restaurant or attraction shown in your advert.

Postcode: This is optional and is used for searches.

Email: Your email address is only used to send you enquiries and responses to your advert, your email address is never shown on your listing.

Add website: This is an optional premium field, if you'd like to display a link to your own website you need to tick the "Add website" check box to enable the field and then enter in your website address in the "Website" field below.

Teaser: This is the short description for your ad which is shown in the category views and search result pages of the directory. Aim for around 25 words.

Price: This field is shown on your ad, you can enter in a price view for example: From £45 per person per night.

Description: This is shown on the main page of your ad when a visitor clicks on your listing.

Reference Number: This is optional, if you have a reference number that you use for your accommodation you can enter it in here.

Add Featured Entry: This is an optional premium field, featured listings are rotated at the top of all the pages in the directory and help make your listing stand out. To take out a featured listing you need to first tick the check box marked "Add featured entry" and the "Featured entry" box below to confirm.

Images Gallery: This is the strip of photos shown on the main part of your advert, visitors can click the images to enlarge them or to view a slideshow. You can upload up to 6 photos. Use the 'Browse' button to select an image from your computer and then click the 'Upload' button. To delete an image just click the red x button along side each picture, this will enable you to upload a different image. if you need help uploading your images just send them to us by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Main Image / Company Logo: This is the main photo shown on the main part of your advert at the top right of the page. To change this image click the 'Browse' button and select an image from your computer and then click 'Send' at the bottom to save your entry.

Icon: this is the thumbnail picture which is shown on the category and search result pages. To change this image click the 'Browse' button and select an image from your computer and then click 'Send' at the bottom to save your entry.

Category: To select a category for your entry just click on a category in the left hand box and then use the arrow buttons to add (or remove) it to the box on the right.


If you've chosen any premium options you'll be given the option to pay online using our secure payment provider PayPal (a PayPal account isn't necessary to pay for your entry). If you're unable to pay online just contact us to make alternative arrangements or to pay by cheque.

Publishing and Approval

When a listing is first added to the directory it has to be approved/published by an administrator, this is just to protect against spam entries and your listing is usually published within an hour or so. Once published you can update or edit your listing at anytime from the welcome page after logging in to Complete Suffolk. If you need any help listing your property or adding photos just contact us.

Editing or Updating Your Listing

To edit or update an existing listing just login to Complete Suffolk and either from the welcome page or from the directory click on the 'Manage my listings' link and you will see a list of your entries. Just click the edit button and you will be able to change text or update photos.

If you want to change the 'main image' or 'icon' pictures you will need to delete them first by checking the 'remove' box below the image and then saving your listing, once saved you can return to the edit form and upload a new image.